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FPT is known for extensive experience, innovation and creativity whether applied to new product development or to the improvement of a firm's existing system.  We are able to provide the highest quality standard products as well as customized solutions at a reasonable price.
FPT was founded in 1983 from Dr. Pierre Flécher- a man known in the Vacuum technology research world for his inventions (50+) and patents (20+).  Dr. Flécher was one of the principal scientists employed at the Kernforschungszentrum in Karlsruhe, Germany.  During his tenure there, he built the world's largest UHV Oven.  In 1977 was appointed the Vice President and Manager of Research and development of the world's largest Vacuums concern.
He remained at this post until 1983 when he decided to concentrate on his own inventions and to use his expert knowledge to develop new products, to improve the performance of standard products and to work towards problem solving in the vacuum technology field.  He opened FPT in Munich Germany.
Dr. Flécher continues to be active in the academic world, through R&D and is often a guest speaker at Vacuum technology seminars.

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