Our Concept

In 1991 Dr. Flécher brought the "plasmakopf" (Plasmahead) to market.  This groundbreaking product is quite small in comparison to the competition's product and allows the direct microwave coupling with 300% improved results at 1/3 the cost.
FPT is the world's largest magnetron producer with unmatched product breadth (from 1 inch to 4 meter) and the highest possible quality.  We have developed a special magnet measuring system that guarantee a deposition uniformity of approximately  1 % on (for example) 4M length.
The ability to solve seemingly unsolvable problems is our forté.  Examples include:

  • The productivity of an older evaporation plant from a competitive firm was increased 300% through modifying the machine to an FPT design allowing the FPT cryopump to replace the existing Dif-pump. 
  • In another case, a new plant concept was developed involving vacuum steaming and drying that allowed drying of yarn to be reduced to minutes vs the normal hours or days.

We use our flexible firm structure to your advantage.  We partner with the best quality partners for development, our inventory system is built on the "just in time" principal affording us the best relationship possible with our suppliers, while keeping costs low.  Whether you require a standard product or a custom built solution, FPT can offer you the most reasonable price and highest quality, personal service delivered anywhere in the world. 
FPT- your partner for success

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